About Us

DH Homes is a Houston-based residential construction company, a branch of Dunhill Development which is known for innovative commercial and residential community development. We specialize in building quality homes in the best communities of Houston and the surrounding areas. Our dynamic team of professionals provides excellent service in a timely and accessible manner.

At DH Homes, we are your partner in home buying success. We work proactively with vendors, trades, developers and loan officers to meet all goals and expectations. We believe that effective communication and collaboration is key to a smooth process and overall positive home-buyer experience. We value the importance of being on time and on budget while providing a quality product.

As your partner, we make sure the highest quality standards are applied to each project. Our skilled Construction Managers take pride in their work, and that is reflected in each home that we build.

As your partner, we are detailed in our planning, setting clear-cut milestones we meet the most challenging of deadlines. We mobilize quickly and consistently monitor our work while providing detail documentation so that you can see first-hand the progress that has been made.

As your partner, you will benefit from working with our top Sales and Construction Managers who have extensive experience in the real estate market. Our assurance is to provide you with quality workmanship at a competitive price.